​5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Cable Tray For Your Cabling Installation

​5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Cable Tray For Your Cabling Installation

Published by Brexons Direct on 29th Sep 2021

A cable tray is an important element to add to any wire set up. By adding a cable tray, you're able to organise, support, and transport your cables efficiently.

Most people may think their homework is done when they find the right professional to install a wiring system at their business. In reality, the job is only half done if you haven't looked up the difference between a conduit vs a cable tray system.

The cable tray market is growing in size and popularity for a reason. There are huge advantages why you should consider installing a cable tray. Keep reading to learn what it is and why choosing it will benefit you now and in the long run.

What are Cable Trays?

Cable trays are one way you can organize and support for your cables. Their use is on the rise, and they are often a better alternative to conduits. The main problem with conduit systems for distributing communications cables is that it's often complex to install and so becomes pricey.

A significant amount of time and skill is required to install conduit to a good standard. Conduits can be costly to implement and service when you get it. This can take away from any of the strengths conduit systems possess.

Cable tray systems, on the other hand, offer much more benefits and added security cables need. There are a variety of types you can pick from when you wish to get cable trays for your business infrastructure installation. There are:
  • Ladder trays
  • Channel and wire mesh cable trays
  • Solid bottom slotted cable trays
  • Troughs
If you are uncertain which type of cable tray is the most suitable for you, you should speak with a professional before getting it added.

1. You Get Bigger Savings

When you want to save money as a business, opting for cable trays is the ideal choice. This starts right away because cable trays offer a lower cost for installation.

Less time goes into the installation of cable trays. Since a professional can complete the work quicker, you pay less for time and labour.

This is ideal for those who desire a seamless fibre optic cable or copper cabling installation. Another way you can save money is because cable trays will help preserve the life of the cables and improve their long term performance.

The design of cable trays also results in significant savings. It has unique features that allow any cable to enter or exit along the route. This offers extra accommodation or modification of wires and cabling whenever you need it.

Cable trays simplify the entire wiring system process as fewer details are required prior to installation. This is the opposite of standard conduit systems that need a more complex design due to needing splice or pull boxes, and tighter tolerances on capacity.

2. The Wiring Will Look Neat and Clean

Cable trays have an advantage over standard wire installations because it offers a neater, cleaner look. Although you may need several kinds of cables to operate different systems, it doesn't mean you need to see all those size and colour variations.

Looking at the bundles of wires you leave outside can be unattractive. However, with the addition of cable trays, you eliminate that. The clean look will be appealing to your eyes as well as other visitors.

If you have people -- particularly clients and prospects -- who visit your place, you want to make the area look as appealing as possible. A clean residence or work environment can only benefit you.

3. There Is Enhanced Safety

When you expose your wires, you not only have to deal with them being in your way, but you are also compromising overall safety. Poorly installed cabling can be a big hazard.

When you have wires lying around, especially on the floor, you increase the chances of slips, falls, and other accidents. These are the types of accidents you want to avoid at businesses when you have workers and customers.

Good Cable management can prevent the likelihood of these accidents happening at the business. You also reduce the chances of spills getting on wires which can damage them, or the equipment connected to them.

4. Greater Flexibility Options

Cable tray systems are also convenient since they offer flexible options for those who want to switch now or later. If you already have a conduit system in place and you want to switch over to cable trays, you can do so without major complications.
If you decide to move your equipment, cable trays are adaptable and can fulfil the requirements. While you may have to limit the number of wires or cables you are able to install in conduits, there is less of a limit with cable trays.

The installation of cable trays are fast as well and involve less labour compared to a conduit system. Getting back "online" to do your business is easier. With the proper installation, cable trays will cost you less to upkeep.

5. It's Perfect Indoors or Outdoors

The quality of cable trays are durable and you can install them just about anywhere. If you decide you want your cable trays indoors, you will be happy to know the support it offers and how useful it is in reducing hazards.
The same goes for if you wish to install cable trays outdoors. The right cable tray will withstand environmental factors such as wind, snow, rain, or ice. Even outdoors, the right cable tray will resist corrosion.

Order a Quality Cable Tray Online

Millions rely on quality companies and professionals who can install their cable tray system. Construction sites, businesses, manufacturers, and even the typical homeowner depend on receiving power, telecom, IT, and television services with a cable tray system.

You should always work with an experienced professional to help you install cable trays the right way. It's more than worth the cost. You can provide them with the parts you desire or install the cable tray yourself if you feel comfortable.

Brexons Direct stocks a wide variety of cable tray solutions. If you are unsure which type you should get and what you are looking for, you can get the help you need by contacting us. Speak to the team to get help with picking the right products for your requirements.