Why You Should Consider Using Releasable, Reusable Cables Ties And How To Use Them

Why You Should Consider Using Releasable, Reusable Cables Ties And How To Use Them

Published by Brexons Direct on 22nd Nov 2021

Reusable VELCRO® Brand cable ties come in many forms with hook and loop products providing you with a flexible, durable, and reusable solution.

You must carefully consider the type of cable tie you require, to best suit the installation or project that you are working on. A VELCRO® Brand cable tie can be removed, readjusted as many times as needed without the risk of crushing or damaging bundles of cables. It is also a more environmentally friendly form of securing cabling and other objects, opposed to a single use, plastic cable tie, which can also cause unnecessary damage to a cable, particularly if a cable tie needs to be removed.

Which Type of Cable Tie is Best?

Single use

Single use cable ties were the first type to be invented and are widely used to fasten and hold different items together. These items primarily include cables and wires and can be used to bundle other items. The standard cable ties are preferably made from grade 6.6 nylon.

Single use cable ties cannot be released or reused once fastened. Whenever there is a change to be made, modifications can become difficult.


There are various types of reusable cable ties, including releasable cable ties, beaded cable ties, and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop ties. Reusable cable ties are preferable to single use cable ties because they are more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and versatile, making them ideal for almost any application.

While reusable cable ties provide an ideal solution for office use, they can also be used in a host of other environments including a domestic setting easily taking care of trailing wires and computer cables. They are easy to use, and easy to remove.

Beaded cable ties are an option for harsh environmental conditions and can be readily utilised because they have high tensile strength. Then we have VELCRO® Brand hook and loop cable ties which are easy to install and flexible, thereby giving secure performance for heavy-duty cables and larger wires.

How a reusable cable tie works

While other forms of cable ties use pawl releases, most reusable zip ties use a release trigger. The trigger release mechanism remains closed until you want to open it.

A finger capture process is installed in the cable tie. You can deploy quickly so that your work does not get interrupted. You just need to hit the pawl release button, and you can release the ratchet and promptly take it out. The paws release button is an essential part of the head that rattles. One can also use another type of reusable cable tie: self-adhesive cable ties for lightweight and straightforward use.

You can also use a tighter and firmer cable tie to secure every wire and the other components in place. This makes it easier to manage the large amounts of wires or cables. Its versatility and its ability to retain form are the most incredible quality of reusable cable ties.

What is the difference between zip ties and VELCRO® Brand ties?

Zip Ties

The zip tie is lightweight and robust and are a favoured solution for securing standardised cables. Developed in 1958, zip ties where originally used to fasten wire harnesses. Their use was expanded to include wires and cables.

Zip ties come in a variety of shapes, colours, and categories, they are relatively cheap and remain the cable tie of choice amongst cabling specialists. Zip ties are also suitable for electrical and HVAC functions.

In a hostile setting where a more robust solution is required, nonstandard, extra-large zip ties are available. These are resistant to radiation, ultraviolet light, and high-temperature chemicals.

VELCRO® Brand ties

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop was invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss electrical engineer. After talking his dog for a walk one day, Mestral noticed a large number of burrs clinging to its fur. As he tried to remove them from his dog, he met with some substantial resistance.

Customers did not initially use this new hook and loop design for tidying wires and cables. It was originally used in the apparel and garment industry as a "zipper less zipper." Read more about the history of how Velcro hook and loop was developed.

VELCRO® Brand products are commonly used by technicians to meet their bundling requirements. Velcro ONE-WRAP® cable ties, are popular with engineers as they can be readjusted and reused, as necessary. Without the need to cut, and snip, this type of cable tie is quick and easy to use.

Zip TiesVelcro Ties
Lightweight and primativeEasy to use
Primarily used as a ZipperUsed to group and tie wires
Prone to wear and tearFairly resistatn to wear and tear
Single useRe-usable

Why should you use VELCRO® Brand straps for cable?

VELCRO® Brand straps and ties are the obvious choice as far as reliability and durability are concerned when it comes to securing your cables. VELCRO® Brand cable straps are reusable and releasable and are available in various lengths ranging from 5 to 18 inches. Also available in differing roll lengths, widths, and colours, perforated and none perforated varieties.

Velcro ties are versatile and ideal for handling cables and wires. Their hook and loop ties are both durable and soft, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications without the fear of wire insulation damage or any abrasion due to friction.

Easy to use and secure, they allow the passage of air through cables reducing heat created, potentially prolonging the wires’ lifespan.

Can I use VELCRO® Brand for cable management?

VELCRO® Brand can be used for cable management by almost anybody, it does not require any special expertise to be used correctly and is a simple mechanism that works on tightening and locking. You can segregate the wires in your home and office workspace, data centre or comms room according to their utilisation and size using VELCRO® Brand ties.

VELCRO® Brand ties allow for optimum bend radius which helps to optimise cable performance. They maintain their shape and can allow for some movement.

Should I consider VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties?

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is an environmentally friendly reusable, adjustable cable tie which can be used repeatedly before they need to be replaced. ONE-WRAP®ties and tape come in various widths, lengths, and colours.

What are the advantages of using reusable hook and loop cable ties?

The hook & loop cable tie is used as a suitable alternative to nylon/plastic cable bindings in electrical and related industries. Benefits of using hook and loop cable ties are as follows:

  • Hook and loop cable ties are reusable, can be used repeatedly
  • Environment friendly, compared to single use plastic cable ties
  • Keep cabling and wires tidy, secure and safe
  • Minimal risk of crushing or damaging cables
  • There is no need to remove cable tie replacement tools or snips when using Hook and Loop cable ties, greatly reducing the risk of damaging the cable
  • Easy to use, store and remove
  • Ability to retain shape

Which is better? Hook and loop cable ties or zip ties?

Plastic zip ties remain popular for cabling engineers. They are quick, robust, straightforward to use, and cheap to buy. Many products have been created with zip ties in mind and include tiny holes, lance, and loops to help secure the cables.

Hook and loop cable ties have long since found a use outside of the fashion industry. They can usually be found in the standard kit of a data and electrical installer. No snipping or cutting is needed with Velcro ties, saving an engineer time removing the need to cut and trim as with a plastic cable tie.

It is very often general practice that cabling will need to be re-routed and re-organised, with this in mind hook and loop provides the flexibility and ease of use that is needed to do this.

Uses of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop cable ties

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop cable ties can be used for such a wide range of applications, some of those are listed below.

  • Whenever you need a temporary bond
  • Can be fastened and released several times
  • Reusable and ideal for cable bundles

How to choose the right cable ties?

You may assume that a cable tie is a cable tie, but you need to remember several things when selecting your cable tie. The environment that you will be working in will dictate which cable tie you use, the weight of the cables to be secured, how the cables will be mounted, weight, and where the ties can be linked. You also need to consider if the ties are to be used inside or outside as factors such as the weather and temperature also need to be considered.


When choosing the right type of cable tie for the job, you do need to consider many of the points discussed in this article. The obvious choice in many situations is the releasable, reusable cable tie.